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1. Why transshipment?

Many websites cannot be sent directly to China, but only to the United States. In this case, we need a forwarding company with an American receiving address. After receiving the goods, they will help you send the goods to China.

2. Is the selected transit company reliable? Is it safe?

There is no perfect transshipment, only the transshipment that is most suitable for you.

Generally speaking, as long as you choose an old transport company that has been running for several years, the website information is relatively perfect, and it is best to open the board in Haitao Forum (advertising fees need to be paid for opening the board, and Haitao forum will have an audit procedure, and the board can be opened only after passing the audit). Generally, there will be no big problems.

3. Is there a consumption tax in the tax-free state? Do you still need to ship to California?

The consumption tax rates of various states in the United States are different. Some are as high as 9.5%, which is equivalent to paying $109.5 when you buy $100. Tax free states do not have any U.S. consumption tax. They actually pay as much as they buy, which saves a lot of money.

Although some transshipments provide tax-free state addresses, they require you to pay additional transshipment fees, transfer them to California and then ship them back to you. Long time and high cost.

If you choose a transshipment in a duty-free state without transshipment to California, it is the best choice.

4. Does it include tariff? Do you need an ID card?

The tax payment process is cumbersome, and sometimes the recipient needs to handle it in person. The so-called tax package of the transit company actually eliminates this part of the work in the process of customs clearance, saving you the trouble of handling it yourself.

After all, the ID card is personal information. Everyone is afraid that information disclosure may cause trouble. Therefore, finding a transfer without ID card is equivalent to reducing the risk.

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