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Malaysia Small Packet Agency Price|Malaysia Small Packet Time Limit

It is a postal small parcel service launched by Malaysia Post. It is the same as other small postal parcels. It is also aimed at small products within 2KG. The price is excellent, the customs clearance ability is strong, and the timeliness is good. It is the Internet Express as a professional transnational e-commerce A high-quality Malaysia small package channel service provided by the logistics provider to the seller. Malaysia parcels are divided into two channels: "Malaysian parcel surface mail" and "Malaysian parcel registered".

NetEase International Logistics cooperates with Malaysia Post and is the first-class agent of Malaysia Post in China. Malaysian parcels board a flight via Hong Kong. The goods first arrive in Malaysia, are processed by Malaysia Post and then transferred to other countries. All parcels can be tracked and inquired through the Malaysia Post website.

1. Price: Malaysian parcel freight is calculated in grams, as low as 0.807 yuan/jin, registration fee 11.5 yuan/ticket.

2. Time limit: usually 7 to 15 working days.

3. Dimensions: The unilateral dimension of the goods cannot exceed 60CM, and the sum of length, width and height cannot exceed 90CM.

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