Advertising "hitchhiking" express packages must be regulated
2021/9/29 10:23:32

It is reported that China is the largest express country in the world, and the express business volume exceeded 20 billion in 2015. The huge delivery volume of express packages makes the business of "advertising on packages" rise quietly. In this regard, some netizens believe that the advertising of express packages wins more in one fell swoop, which is a new business opportunity at the right time. "It can be done without prohibition by law", but a legal system needs to be established to clarify the subject of responsibility; Some netizens also believe that unauthorized package advertising is an infringement of the rights and interests of package owners, and corresponding measures must be taken to regulate it. To fill the regulatory gap, netizen "yuan Guangguang" said that through big data analysis, businesses can accurately hit their advertisements into the hands of consumers who often buy their product categories on the Internet, greatly improving the efficiency of advertising. Some netizens said that by developing Express advertising business, express enterprises have opened up other sources of income other than postage, which can effectively reduce the operating pressure; In the long run, the business can also slow down the rise of express prices and reduce the burden on consumers. Netizen "Liu Huawei" suggested that by formulating relevant laws, clarify the rights and obligations of advertising publishers, express enterprises and consumers, and clarify the subject of legal responsibility of the three parties, so that there are rules to follow and laws to follow in handling disputes over package advertising, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant personnel to the greatest extent. Some netizens also believe that under the premise of recognizing the legality and rationality of Express advertising, we should fill the regulatory gap as soon as possible and bring it into the legal supervision of government functional departments, so as to make it develop healthily in the legal track and regulatory vision. There are not a few opponents to regulate it as soon as possible. Netizen "bst2014" said that although it is not explicitly prohibited by law, after the express leaves the sender, the rights and interests of Express items belong to the sender throughout the transportation process until the recipient signs for receipt. The express company is only responsible for entrusted transit and transportation, and does not have the right to change the surface of express goods. Some netizens believe that since express companies cooperate with advertisers, there is a strong demand for providing customer information to third parties, and there is a high possibility that detailed information such as customer address, name and telephone number will be leaked. Netizen "Luo Ruiming" said that such advertisements should be standardized as soon as possible to clarify which advertisements can be done and which advertisements cannot be done. At the same time, express enterprises should consider the rights and interests of the recipient, and allow consumers to indicate whether to receive or not to receive advertisements during online shopping. For those who indicate not to receive, they cannot force them. Some netizens believe that it is an indisputable fact that the profit margin of express enterprises is getting lower, but the profit space can be expanded by developing new express business and expanding the upstream and downstream industrial chain of express industry. There is no need to focus only on package advertising. If you are not careful, you may step on the thunder of "legal forbidden zone".

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