low-profit enterprises need to improve services to be high-end
2021/9/29 17:45:53

In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has caused a spurt of development in the express delivery industry. At the same time, the social and economic benefits of express delivery development have become increasingly apparent. According to the "National Socialized E-commerce Logistics Practitioner Survey Report" jointly released by Beijing Jiaotong University, Ali Research Institute and Cainiao Network in Beijing on May 5,

  In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has caused a spurt of development in the express delivery industry. At the same time, the social and economic benefits of express delivery have become increasingly apparent. According to the "National Socialized E-commerce Logistics Practitioners Survey Report" jointly released by Beijing Jiaotong University, Ali Research Institute and Cainiao Network in Beijing on May 5, China's socialization The total number of e-commerce logistics employees reached 2.033 million, and it is expected that by 2020, the number of e-commerce logistics employees will reach 6 million. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, China's online retail sales reached 3.88 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) in 2015, an increase of 33%, and its share of total social retail sales rose to 12.88%. E-commerce logistics has become a "dark horse" driving domestic economic growth in recent years.

  However, in the beautiful "money scene", the logistics industry has "bred" many problems due to the rapid development of e-commerce. The high proportion of e-commerce business has caused the express delivery industry to fall into homogeneous competition. The fierce price war has also led the e-commerce logistics industry to enter the "mean profit era", and the importance of finding a "new engine" for logistics development has become increasingly prominent. A Mr. Liu, who has just joined the e-commerce delivery business for a year, told reporters that many of the friends who joined him to join are in a state of meager profit, and some have even begun to lose money. The cost of "blindly doing volume" remains high

  For some logistics companies that are just optimistic about e-commerce logistics and enter through the form of franchise, the business volume of the company itself is not large, and the phenomenon of "empty trucks returning goods" occurs from time to time, and decentralized operations invisibly increase costs.

  Especially after the "VAT reform", road and bridge charges are temporarily not included in the scope of value-added tax, and it is impossible to issue value-added tax invoices to logistics companies. Most logistics companies cannot obtain value-added tax invoices for refueling and maintenance of transport vehicles along the way. The input deduction bills directly increase the tax burden of logistics enterprises. "Take our company as an example. Before the VAT reform, the business tax rate was 3% of revenue. After the VAT reform, the value-added tax rate increased to 11%." A logistics company employee said. Relevant information shows that the output tax minus the input tax is the tax payable of the VAT taxpayer. In the long run, it will achieve the effect of "tax reduction"; in the short term, due to the different operating conditions and development levels of logistics enterprises, it may give some Logistics companies have brought the problem of increased tax burden.

  Another reason for the increase in costs comes from within the enterprise. "In recent years, labor costs have risen sharply, business management costs are also rising, equipment updates and warehouse expansion also require investment, and logistics companies are also facing various transformation and upgrading requirements such as'informatization' and'modernization'." An industry insider To put it bluntly, with the rapid development of e-commerce, some e-commerce logistics companies even have the idea of "taking down customers first" regardless of profit. This idea of "blindly doing everything" has led to the emergence of vicious competition.

  It is understood that the total cost of logistics is mainly composed of three parts: transportation, enterprise management and warehousing costs. Transportation basically accounts for more than 50%, which is divided into labor costs, road and bridge costs, fuel consumption, vehicle purchase costs, vehicle operation and maintenance costs, etc. Therefore, blindly recruiting people, buying cars, renting warehouses and other behaviors may lead to a short-term lack of operating funds for enterprises.

Lengthen the service chain to create new profits

  For e-commerce logistics companies in Jinan, avoiding low logistics profits requires learning from companies with more mature business models. Amazon China's nuggets in the logistics service chain seem to be "one step ahead." As early as November 2013, Amazon has launched the first night delivery service in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Subsequently, China Post, SF Express, YTO Express, Shentong, Yunda and other domestic express companies also announced that the nine major express companies will "test the water" to provide consumers with customized services, including "next day delivery" for more than 5,000 inter-city routes. , Appointment time, self-pickup and many other services, these value-added services not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also bring new profit points to the current low-profit industry.

  In fact, these basic services are still difficult to solve the problem of meager profits or even losses of major express companies. Nowadays, fresh food e-commerce is gradually entering a stage of rapid development led by market demand, and cold chain distribution will undoubtedly become a new growth point in the logistics express industry. Under heavy pressure, in the face of the "blue ocean" of cold chain delivery, express delivery giants are also unable to hold back, and are cautiously testing the water.

  However, the cold chain distribution of fresh products has relatively high requirements for warehousing and distribution, and express companies need to invest a large amount of money, which raises the entry barrier for cold chain distribution; and the transportation equipment and infrastructure of my country’s cold chain logistics are outdated and related The relatively backward information technology and management level restricts the development of cold chain logistics. Obviously, courier companies involved in the field of cold chain logistics will naturally also face related problems.

  On the other hand, the express delivery market in first- and second-tier cities is close to saturation, and "express delivery to the countryside" has become another "nugget" method for express companies. It is understood that the rural express delivery market was mainly occupied by postal ems, and private express companies are rarely involved, but the rural express delivery market is getting bigger and bigger. As the market in first- and second-tier cities is becoming saturated, e-commerce companies are sinking channels to tap the potential of online shopping in counties and towns. In addition, with consumers’ pursuit of special agricultural products, e-commerce companies that provide consumers with special agricultural products based on the mode of direct procurement and direct supply from the place of origin have begun to be favored by consumers. These e-commerce companies also regard express delivery as seeking agricultural products to “go out”. E-commerce’s reliance on express delivery companies has become another “profitable” business opportunity for express delivery companies.

U.S. high-end e-commerce logistics brings enlightenment

  It is understood that the express delivery industry in the United States has been 150 years old and is known as the "most developed express logistics country in the world".

  The United States attaches great importance to express companies, and the US government used the entire town to build logistics and transportation centers. FedEx, headquartered in Memphis, specializes in warehousing, logistics, and distribution for nearby Fortune 500 companies, including raw material imports and product exports, all through FedEx, which greatly saves logistics costs for companies. Statistics show that the cost of logistics and express delivery for many companies in the United States is only 9%, while the cost of logistics and express delivery for many companies in China ranges from 15% to 18%. The cost of logistics and express delivery for production companies is even higher.

  It is reported that although the express delivery market in the United States is huge, the express delivery companies in the United States are highly concentrated. There are mainly three express delivery companies in the United States: UPS and FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. This avoids the problems of disorderly competition among many express companies and uneven service quality. In addition, American express companies often use big data or high-tech products, which not only improves delivery efficiency, but also greatly reduces express delivery costs.

  American postmates is a new Internet express company, and its business model is different from its traditional express counterparts. The main business of postmates is aimed at those merchants that do not provide products online, and provide delivery or short-distance delivery for customers, positioning it as an on-demand express delivery service. Consumers, companies, and couriers create added value to each other through a stakeholder trading platform like postmates. With the extensive use of smartphones, it launches a one-hour same-city delivery service.

  Postmates uses mobile technology to allow couriers to send their location to the system via smartphones, and the system assigns tasks to them by tracking the location of the couriers. Therefore, in addition to the existing delivery tasks, the courier can still use the system to obtain additional delivery tasks, and the courier is allowed to accept additional delivery services. Retailers cooperating with postmates, after consumers pay for the retailer’s express delivery, the merchants can send service demand information to the courier located near the store through iphone, ipodtouch or ipad.

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